Common failures of small water cooled diesel engine and their solutions

 2022-04-20 | View:895

The main phenomena are: burning engine oil, emitting blue smoke from the exhaust gas, increasing oil consumption, a lot of smoke-like gas is discharged from the crankcase vent, the horsepower of small water cooled diesel engine is reduced, the main reasons are:

small water cooled diesel engine

1. Cylinder liner, piston ring, piston wear, in the compression stroke leakage. The compression force in the cylinder is insufficient, and the starting is difficult. Small water cooled diesel engine parts or kits should be replaced.

2. Piston rings get stuck in small water cooled diesel engine rings because of carbon buildup and glue. Most of them are caused by incomplete combustion of diesel oil and poor quality of engine oil. Can be timely removal of cylinders, pistons, piston rings on the carbon, select qualified oil, diesel.

3. The opening of the piston ring is in a straight line, either due to an error in installing the small water cooled diesel engine or due to the piston ring shifting automatically after the cylinder liner is worn. Piston rings should be reinstalled to stagger the opening of each ring.

4. Small water cooled diesel engine valves are loosely closed and should be re-adjusted for valve clearance, valve seat replacement, or grinding.

In the use of the process, we need to timely attention to the failure and eliminate, and prevent security risks. Jiangsu ETK Power Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of various types of engines and supporting equipment, if interested, you can contact us for more information.

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