Some points for attention in very small diesel engine

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As a common engine, the very small diesel engineis used in many places. Some small businesses need long-term use of diesel engines, while others need long-term use of diesel engines. To save them, we need to know the following:

very small diesel engine

1. Choose a good place to keep it. When farmers keep a very small diesel engine, they put it under the eaves on purpose, regardless of natural weather conditions, wind direction, or site drainage. But the constant dripping of water from the eaves depresses the ground beneath the eaves, making it difficult to drain water and prone to rusting in the very small diesel engine.

2. We should take measures to prevent wind and rain. If diesel engines are kept in the open air, dust or rain can easily get into the very small diesel engine through the air filter, exhaust pipes, and so on.

3. When not in use for a long time, the machine should be sealed. The very small diesel engine is sealed as follows.

(1) exhaust engine oil, diesel oil, and cooling water.

(2) clean and install the crankcase and timing gearbox with diesel oil.

(3) maintain air filters as needed.

(4) lubricate all moving surfaces. Take care to dehydrate the clean oil (boil the oil until the foam is completely gone), cool, and pour it into the oil pan, then turn the crankshaft for 2-3 minutes.

(5) sealed combustion chamber. After the dehydration of 0.3 Kg of clean oil from the intake pipe into the cylinder, the flywheel is under decompression rotation more than 10 times, so that the intake and exhaust valves, pistons, cylinders, and piston rings are coated with lubricating oil, and finally, the piston reached TDC, close the intake and exhaust valves. After the seal is sealed, install the air filter.

(6) drain the remaining oil from the oil pan.

(7) scrub the outside of the diesel engine and apply antirust oil to the surface of the unpainted parts.

(8) wrap air filters and silencers in moisture-resistant material to protect them from rain and dust.

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