How 1 cylinder Diesel engine works

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1 cylinder diesel engine, which is classified by the number of cylinders and has only one cylinder, is popular with many users because of its lightweight, small volume, simple layout, and convenient repair, and is widely used in micro-tiller matching power. 1cylinder diesel engine has a two-stroke diesel engine and a four-stroke diesel engine, both of them have basically the same mechanism, the main difference is in the valve structure.

1 cylinder Diesel engine

Every working cycle of 1 cylinder diesel engine goes through four stages: intake, compression, work, and exhaust. In a work cycle, only one trip is work, and the other three trips are auxiliary trips that create the conditions for work, so the work of 1 cylinder diesel engine is unstable. The development of 1 cylinder diesel engine still depends on the innovation of science and technology, constantly using new technology to improve the existing shortcomings and shortcomings of 1 cylinder diesel engine and expand its use scope. For example, the assembly of oil limiting devices, emission control devices to meet the use of motor vehicles, and environmental protection needs. 1cylinder diesel engine is mainly used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, automobile industry, marine machinery, electric power industry, and other fields.

Because the research and development of China's 1cylinder Diesel engine were first designed to promote China's agricultural development, and it was also intended to be first deployed on the tractor body used for crop work in China, that's because tractors haul tons at a time, which is why our country's 1cylinder Diesel engine is designed to be so powerful.

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