A way to deal with the very small diesel engine's black smoke

 2022-08-08 | View:710

The equipment using the very small diesel engineas the engine system will emit wisps of black smoke in the process of operation, which not only causes the surrounding environment of the operators to be polluted but also does great harm to the environment, so solving the very small diesel engine's black smoke problem is not only an annoyance for the operators but also a headache for the industry. Let the professional explain some relevant knowledge to you below.

very small diesel engine

First of all, we can be sure that the main reason for the very small diesel engine to emit black smoke is due to incomplete fuel conversion rate, in addition to the design of the equipment itself, it's also possible that the operator missed something. The main solutions are as follows:

1. The fuel tank of the very small diesel engine is not sealed, and the long-term contact with the air causes some suspended impurities and dust in the air to fall into the air filter, causing the air intake to be blocked, as a result of insufficient air supply for internal combustion and incomplete combustion, it is recommended that cleaning should be done frequently in the harsher environments and at regular intervals in the more airy environments, and change the air filter regularly.

2. It may be that the fuel used by the very small diesel engine is of poor quality, which causes the blockage of the fuel pipe path inside the fuel tank and so on, resulting in insufficient fuel supply. The best solution is to replace the solenoid valve. Poor fuel quality can also cause Fuel filter damage, internal oil deterioration can cause black smoke, and in severe cases can damage the fuel system, if you find that the Fuel filter is not up to standard, you must replace it immediately.

3. Because of the bad quality of oil, some impurities cling to the surface of the oil pipe, so it is necessary to clean the oil pipe regularly and add two times of diesel oil additive to improve the situation of black smoke effectively.

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