1cylinder diesel engine pre-startup preparation method

 2022-07-20 | View:570

At present, 1 cylinder Diesel engine has a large quantity in our country, and it is also the main supporting power of agricultural machinery. The correct use of 1 cylinder diesel engine can not only prolong its service life, but also reduce the operation cost, so it is of great significance, today we'll talk about the preparations for the 1 cylinder diesel engine.

1 cylinder diesel engine

1 cylinder diesel engine after a certain operation, before the start of a comprehensive technical inspection. Check all external connections (e. g. bolts, nuts) for fastening. Check the assembly of flywheels, connecting rod nuts, and pin for longer running 1 cylinder diesel engine. Check whether the valve clearance conforms to the specified value (as specified in the specification). Check the decompression effect, open the decompression mechanism, turn the crankshaft easily labor-saving, rolling flexible, no noise in the machine, it is normal; restore decompression, then turn the crankshaft, laborious heavy, that compression is normal, no leakage. Check the fuel system, the fuel tank filled with oil, turn on the oil switch, decompression and rotary of the crankshaft, at this time can hear the crisp fuel injection sound, indicating normal. Do not come to the oil, loosen the high-pressure oil pump on the vent screw, remove the gas in the oil, until there is no bubble out, then tighten the screw. Check the lubrication system, pump out the oil ruler, and see whether the oil is in the specified oil level. Need to pay attention to is that the oil can not exceed the highest mark, can not be less than the lowest mark, oil in the dipstick mark slightly on the appropriate, check whether the parts of oil leakage. Check the cooling system, air-cooled 1 cylinder diesel engine windshield and guide whether sealed, air inlet clogging phenomenon; water-cooled cooling is to check the water tank water, water leakage at all parts of the connection, lack of parts phenomenon. Check the starter, check and prepare the dolly tool.

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