Improper way of using diesel water pump machine

 2022-11-09 | View:631

With the development of society, the role of diesel water pumping machines in the water supply system is getting bigger and bigger. However, if used improperly often leads to some failures of the diesel water pump machine. As a professional diesel water pump machine manufacturer, we list the following improper ways of use for you.

diesel water pump machine

1. Overload operation. Any excessive flow, pressure or speed deviation from the rated design value may increase the pump load. For example, a centrifugal pump's maximum fully open power can shorten its life.

2. Injecting liquid without following the required level. A low inlet level tends to create vortices, draw in air, cause cavitation and reduce head. The inlet pipe or inlet is blocked by foreign objects, which reduces the head. The medium temperature increases, the medium vaporization pressure increases, and the cavitation margin decrease resulting in reduced suction lift. The inlet pipe is unreasonable (such as too many inlet pipe elbows, the pipe diameter is smaller than the pump inlet), the pipe loss increases the cavitation margin decreases, which easily leads to cavitation. Pump installation elevation increases, atmospheric pressure decreases, and the cavitation margin decreases, resulting in a decrease in suction lift.

3. Only close the valve, do not cut off the pump power. Except for automatic and intelligent pumps, ordinary pumps for a long time if they operate under closed-valve conditions without bypass, which will lead to all the energy consumption of the system wasted on heating water, resulting in pump cavitation, dangerous pump operation, and even accidents.

4. Not paying attention to the surface overflow corrosive media before use. Conveying media corrosive overflow parts and machine seals, such as stainless steel corroded by hydrochloric acid and silicon carbide corroded by hydrofluoric acid.

5. Not paying attention to surface wear before use. Conveying liquid containing solid particles, constantly flushing the pump cavity, impeller and other overflow parts, reducing the pump's flow, head and service life.

6. Lack of regular inspection. Users do not follow the inspection and regular maintenance instructions, regular replacement of seals, repainting of iron and aluminium pumps, and checking vibration.

7. Not paying attention to the heat dissipation of the pump when using. Submersible electric pump motor running without water, motor heat dissipation is slow, easy to burn the motor. Land-based pumps are installed in corners and gaps or closed housing, and the fan can not circulate the surrounding air, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the motor.

In general, when using a diesel water pump machine, always pay attention to your misconduct to avoid unnecessary loss.

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