How do we maintain a diesel water pump for agriculture?

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A diesel water pump for agriculture is a kind of water pump powered by a diesel engine and driven by a diesel engine through coupling. It is widely used in agriculture. To maintain the efficient use of diesel water pump for agriculture and improve durability, the usual maintenance and maintenance has become an essential part. Below is us to take you to understand some maintenance methods for a diesel water pump for agriculture:

diesel water pump for agriculture

1.Check the oil level of the sump of the diesel pump:check whether the oil level reaches the mark on the oil scale when it is insufficient, it should be added to the prescribed amount, but not exceed the upper limit of the oil scale;

2. Check whether there is enough lubricating grease in the injection point of the diesel oil water pump. If it is not enough, use the injection gun to add sufficient lubricating grease

3. Check whether the water in the cooling water tank of the diesel pump is sufficient, if found insufficient, should be added in time, the water should be clean fresh water, can not use turbid water to avoid scaling in the water tank, thus affecting the cooling effect;

4. When the air temperature is below 0 ° C in winter, antifreeze should be added or replaced in time, the specific amount should be according to the air temperature;

5. Check the adequacy of the oil in the tank of the water pump for agricultural diesel fuel,the tank should always be full of diesel oil, not less than 50% of the tank volume, and should ensure that the removal of water and impurities when refueling;

6. Daily inspection of three leakages (water, oil, gas), check the diesel oil pump, and water pipe joints of the sealing surface, found that leakage should be immediately resolved, the storage tank should always be sufficient diesel, can not be less than 50% of the tank volume, refueling should ensure that the exclusion of water and impurities;

7. Check the situation of diesel water pump batteries, if found shell cracking, bump, positive and negative pole loose slippage phenomenon should be timely maintenance;

8. Check the installation of various accessories of the diesel pump, before use, pay attention to whether the parts of the diesel pump are firm;

9. Check whether the transmission system is damaged, and found that the damage should be timely repaired and replaced;

10. Clean the appearance of the diesel water pump and accessories in time: wipe the oil, water, and dust on the surface of the fuselage and cylinder with a dry cloth or a soaked diesel cloth, and blow away the surface dust with a fan.

To sum up, I hope that learning how to maintain the maintenance of diesel water pumps for agriculture can give you a pleasant shopping and use experience.

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