How small water cooled diesel engine works and its pros and cons

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The cooling mode of the diesel engine can be divided into water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling uses water as the medium to transfer the heat generated by small water cooled diesel engine. Small water cooled diesel engine is usually composed of a water pump, radiator, fan, thermostat, and so on.

small water cooled diesel engine

Small water cooled diesel engine principle of work: small water cooled diesel engine structure is relatively simple, the components are usually: a water pump, radiator, fan, and thermostat. Under the action of the water pump, the cooling water enters the diesel engine, flows in accordance with the corresponding route, absorbs the heat generated by the machine parts, and radiates the heat into the air through the role of the fan and the water tank. Thus, the operating temperature of small water cooled diesel engine is kept within a certain range.

The advantages and disadvantages of small water cooled diesel engine: the cooling effect of small water cooled diesel engine is good, it is convenient to adjust the cooling intensity when the temperature or the workload changes, so that the diesel engine can always work in the range of the specified temperature (65 °C ~ 95 °C). In addition, in winter can also use the method of hot water to preheat, easy to start. However, due to the limitation of the water cooling mode, it also has the disadvantages of easy scaling and cavitation to cylinder liner.

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