The reason it's so hard to start a very small diesel engine

 2022-06-06 | View:279

Very small diesel engine start-up difficulties are a common fault, if we can timely judge and remove, not only can eliminate the majority of distress, but also give full play to its due role. So, in light of the very small diesel engine's start-up behavior, I'll briefly describe how and how to check for faults:

very small diesel engine

1. During the start-up, check the fuel system of the very small diesel engine to see if the injector makes a"Squeaky" sound. If you can not hear the fuel injection sound, indicating that the fuel into the cylinder is weak, at this point can be the fuel pump on the vent screw loosen, and see whether there is fuel flow.

2. In the start-up process, if you can hear the fuel injector"Squeak" fuel injection sound, it indicates that the injection is good. But still can not start, it should check the oil supply time.

3. If the above conditions are normal, a very small diesel engine is still difficult to start, then we should be in accordance with the rules to check cylinder pressure because the lack of pressure is also one of the reasons for starting difficulties.

4. A clogged intake or air filter can also make it difficult to get started.

5. Cold weather is also a factor. So, in winter, you have to warm up the very small diesel engine before you can start it.

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