Why the throttle of a 1 cylinder diesel engine is unstable

 2022-06-08 | View:645

1 cylinder diesel engine throttle instability is most likely caused by unstable fuel injector pressure, or governor clearance caused by excessive. In addition, check whether the intake air is sufficient, whether the exhaust is able to exhaust clean, and valve timing is normal, mainly to see the 1 cylinder diesel engine camshaft, valve tappet, and valve and other links, the specific steps are as follows:

1 cylinder diesel engine

1. If the idle speed of the 1 cylinder diesel engine is unstable, it is usually because of the accelerator switch under the pedal or the acceleration connection, or because the idle speed limit of the speed control fork is not adjusted properly. Adjust the idle speed screw and increase the idle speed.

2. If the 1 cylinder Diesel engine is idling and cruising at a moderate speed, it could be caused by a faulty fuel line, such as a broken fuel line or air getting in there.

3. The timing has worn gear sleeves and timing shafts.

4. Speed governor caused the abnormal work of the three fixed screws on the bracket loose.

5. The speed regulating spring is too soft to cause the diesel engine high speed traveling car, the replacement speed regulating push rod and the spring can solve the problem.

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