What can a very small diesel engine do?

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The rapid development of science and technology has promoted the overall progress of the economy and society. It can be said that“Electricity” is the primary driving force. Many maintenances or high-precision processes need computer control and automatic work to be completed, without electricity, none of these devices can function properly and the very small diesel engine is used for emergency power. So what else does the very small diesel engine do?

very small diesel engine

Backup power, such as office buildings, rural and remote household users, or People's Liberation Army barracks guarding the frontier needs to be equipped with a backup power supply, because of their remote location, it's hard to get a fix when there's a power problem, but a job as important as the defense can't afford to slack off and slack off, so the very small diesel engine is used as a backup power source, and in emergencies, it's used as a regular power source.

Emergency power supply, mainly used in the power supply has very stringent requirements of the unit, such as Hospitals, Banks. With reliable power grids in international cities like Shanghai, the chances of a sudden power outage are slim. But in case of an emergency, such as a faulty circuit or a high-load burn-out, most units use the very small diesel engine as their emergency power supply.

Common power supply, the use of two ways, first, rural areas because of imperfect grid installation, often power outages, power outages. Second, the field construction, such as the western development can not pull the wire, but the construction use of equipment must be plugged in to operate, so very small diesel engine as a daily power supply.

Mobile power supply. Is in use when the need for a mobile power supply, there is no fixed place to use it. So you have to use a very small diesel engine, which has four universal moving wheels for easy and flexible design, and a trailer for larger ones. Mainly used in construction units, outdoor maintenance, summer power repair, and urban pavement maintenance.

In the laboratories of the Academy of Sciences, there are many high-precision instruments and equipment. Some experiments take a long time to complete, so the equipment has to operate 24 hours non-stop. Once the power goes out, the equipment will stop working, which will affect the progress of the experiment or failure. The shadowless lamp on the operating table in the hospital, once the power is cut off, the operation can not be carried out, posing a threat to the patient's life and safety. Construction of the welding machine and some electrical equipment is inseparable from electricity, so in fact, the very small diesel engine is very common in life.

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