How to de-noising the Chinese diesel generator

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The Chinese diesel generator is a common device in factories and can be seen in many banks and schools. The Chinese diesel generator makes a lot of noise when it is running, which is also a common fault of diesel engines. In these operating environments, the noise of the Chinese diesel generator affects a large area, affecting the normal life of the surrounding work and study. Today, we'll take a look at the Chinese diesel generator acoustic enclosure material effect.

Chinese diesel generator

There are two ways to reduce the noise of the Chinese diesel generator, one is to use the noise enclosure, and the other is to reduce the noise of the electric generator in the engine room.

If a noise enclosure is used, the Chinese diesel generator noise enclosure generally uses a metal plate as an outer layer of sound insulation, a perforated metal plate as an inner layer of sound insulation, and a damping material between the two layers of plates, and sound-absorbing material filled, so that the entire acoustic enclosure plate can play a variety of noise reduction effect, noise enclosure, machinery, the ground must use damping pad, after all, diesel engine vibration is very large.

For the Chinese diesel generator group with an engine room, the engine room is equivalent to a sound enclosure, which at this time can be a soundproof room decoration. Taking measures of sound absorption and insulation to the roof and four walls of the engine room, laying sound-absorbing materials, and installing silencers or muffler louvers at the air inlet and outlet of the engine room by using the high-efficiency vibration damping foot pad of the diesel engine, explosion-proof soundproof doors and windows are provided on the walls.

Chinese diesel generator noise enclosure is often used to reduce the noise of the generator, but whether to use the enclosure should be based on the environment of the generator, according to the situation on the spot to make a reasonable noise reduction scheme, both ensure economic benefits and ensure noise reduction effect.

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