4 reasons why 1 cylinder diesel engine has difficulty starting

 2023-01-03 | View:365

1 cylinder diesel engine is a diesel engine with only one number of cylinders, and the work process has to go through four stages: intake, compression, work, and exhaust. 1 cylinder diesel engine has a variety of reasons for difficulty starting, and today we will talk about several common reasons.


1 cylinder diesel engine

The reasons why a 1 cylinder diesel engine does not start well are as follows.

1. Oil circuit failure: oil filter blockage, remove and clean. Injector nozzle blocked with carbon, remove and clean.

2. Air in the oil pipe: The air in the oil pipe is divided into two cases: the former will produce intermittent vibration and running sound due to the lack of oil, while the latter will not start. Loosen the nut of the oil pipe connected to the oil pump when adding oil, and tighten it again after exhausting the air.

3. Valve clearance: valve clearance is too large and can not start, as the diesel engine running power is reduced, increasing the throttle will be a lot of black smoke or even stopping.

4. Temperature reasons: the cold diesel viscosity becomes large, can be in the tank heating water or replace the diesel see the manual.


The above is 1 cylinder diesel engine start difficult 4 kinds of reasons, hope to be able to bring you help, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.

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