The significance of a radiator for small water cooled diesel engine

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The radiator is the main cooling component of the small water cooled diesel engine, which requires a very complex set of the cooling water cycle, the function of the cooling system is to keep the engine within the proper temperature range under all operating conditions. The cooling system not only prevents the engine from overheating but also prevents the engine from overheating in winter. After the engine cold start, the cooling system must ensure that the engine rapidly heats, as soon as possible to reach the normal working temperature.

small water cooled diesel engine

As an important part of the cooling circuit of the small water cooled diesel engine, it can absorb the heat of the cylinder block and avoid overheating the small water cooled diesel engine. Because of the large heat capacity of water, the small water cooled diesel engine does not heat up much after absorbing the heat from the cylinder block. Therefore, the heat of the small water cooled diesel engine is transmitted through the liquid loop of the cooling water, which is used as the heat carrier and then dissipated by the convection of the large area fins to keep the proper working temperature of the small water cooled diesel engine.

The radiator of the water tank is mainly composed of a tube-piece heat sink made of brass, a water tank, a wind guide cover, and supporting parts. Its role is to reduce the temperature of the small water cooled diesel engine to ensure the normal temperature at work. The structure of the radiator of the water tank. The main fault of the radiator is water leakage. When the radiator leakage, the radiator should be the internal cooling water out, with a little more power electric soldering iron, solder repair. If there are too many leaks and it is difficult to check, plug all the water outlets, and then put the radiator into the sink, the water outlet to a certain pressure Compressed air. If there is a bubble in the pool, that there is a leak phenomenon, determine the location of repair with solder. Other iron parts can be repaired by welding after damage.

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